Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Second Life Economy - No Space For Small Business.

Second Life is advertised to many people as a way of making money by creating Virtual Products. However is this really true because as most people should no money is not easy to aquire. So i decided to investigate to see how the Second Life Economy worked and if there was space for Small Business.

After talking with many mall owners and small business owners i found that many dont even breakeven and if they do its worth nothing in the real world. Most of them continue to keep there Businesses open because they enjoy it rather than for money. This proves that small businesses dont make any money but do the big businesses?.

So i went to talk to some of the bigger business owners who had high rankings in the Premium Search service. It took some time to get them to talk to me but once i did they told me a lot about how they are doing. I found that they are very successful as they can afford to do a lot of marketing which means they get a huge amount of customers. The small business owners are unable to compete with these Giants of the Second Life market. To be successful in second life you need a huge amount of starting capital and have to do a huge amount of Marketing. This means that small businesses have no chance at making the big money.

Small Business Owners Have No Chance - Fact

I think Second Life is no place for someone to make money from unless they already have large amounts of money already to invest. I am talking about Thousands of Dollars not just pennies. So dont be fooled by the Lindens or the Media thinking that you can make a fortune from nothing.


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