Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Gambling Returned To Second Life!. Oh wait its gone again! Too Bad.

Hey Viewers, As you know gambling was banned but recently some game developers created a gambling system where people were able to bet linden on a non skill based game. They did this via a loophole in the second life policy. The Lindens were aware of this type of gambling system and allowed it as it broke none of the rules stated in the TOS. However they recently just changed there minds removed all of these new systems.

Before they removed these gambling places i visited them and talked with some of the owners. I arrived at the Nugget Gaming System Casino which had many customers which was not suprising. I saw all these people throwing there Linden into these cash eating monsters so i decided to inform them that these machines were set at a 90% payout and it was impossible to beat them. However i was instantly kicked out by one of the owners who was very rude when i was being very polite with them. After having a heated conversation with them i told them i would contact Linden Labs about the legality of these machines. She laughed in my face stating that the Lindens have approved it and that it was 100% Legal.

The lindens sudden change of mind was a good decision i feel they should not allow people to exploit the TOS like that. However i do feel they should have done this in the first place. My personal opinion also is that Gambling is wrong as it has a addictive quality that can cause people to lose all there money.

Those of you who were fooled into buying some of these gaming systems need to seek a refund as soon as possible. If they decline giving you a refund then contact the lindens to see if they can help you at all but it doesnt look good.

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